Creating the Best in-store
Customer experience

QView captures customer in-store video-data at various touch-points and provides insights via QInsights to enable retail stores personalize intelligent customer experiences and improve business operations.

A Smart Camera - Secure and Accurate

QView's powerful sensors use state-of-the-art depth data, computer vision and deep learning to accurately and anonymously count people and identify them per demographics.

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Know your customers - Optimize their in-store experience

Gain new insights into your customers, quantify and classify them to help you evaluate the impact of their in-store experience that will help you make better business operations decision.

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Retain your Customers - Transform your customers experience

After each visit to your facility, your customers receive an sms that enables them rate their experience at your retail outlet or office. QInsight collects these data and processes it to give a very easy to understand visualizations so you can keep customers happy.

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